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Moduurn mobile ordering platform enables businesses of all sizes to deploy their own brand of mobile ordering applications to serve their customers and employees from anywhere.

Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, cafeterias, golf courses, stadiums, festivals… you name it.

Mobile Ordering Improves Customer Service and Generates Profits

In a digitally-driven world, consumers are fortunate to have the opportunity to choose from several different food ordering apps to order meals from their favourite restaurants with smartphones, tablets or from desktops. Our shortlist of popular food apps includes third-party apps such as Skip the Dishes, UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Foodora and the Moduurn app alternative to high cost third-party apps. Moduurn’s fully customizable online food ordering system is gaining popularity with restaurants who know through experience that not all food ordering apps are created equal.

Moduurn Mobile Ordering Results: Profits Increase

Here is the difference Moduurn makes to the bottom line for businesses who have their own fully-branded app.

A third-party app supplier, such as Skip the Dishes, UberEats or GrubHub, would have charged $2,280 in commission to generate Empire Donuts’ $7,600 in monthly sales.

Empire Donuts paid only $187 to Moduurn to generate sales, less the initial one-time setup & equipment fees.



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