Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is much more than just throwing up a post to just wait and hope it will perform.

A positive social media campaign – campaign being the most important aspect – requires a great deal of marketing experience, creative skill, technical, business savvy, and target market(s) analysis including the best performing key words. Each campaign needs a solid business brand as its backing, and clear understanding of the intent of the campaign and ad spend.

Each post should be designed with the business brand in mind, and sub brand for the specific campaign “call to action”!

The preparations of a social media campaign should be able to answer these questions: 

WHO are we promoting the campaign to (demographic analysis)

WHAT are we promoting

WHERE are the best opportunities for cross promotion

WHEN are the best times to post and promote the campaign

WHY are we deploying this campaign (measure key performance indicators), and which are the best social media channels to utilize.